If you have just moved to the "Pays de Martel", perhaps you  feel a little disoriented or homesick, maybe you don't know anybody here.. 


Our association "Accueil en Pays de Martel" was created to welcome newcomers and introduce them to the beauties and the cultural resources of our area.


The local inhabitants in our association enjoy meeting newcomers who may have come here for professional reasons, or who have retired here because of family connections, or who just had a "coup de coeur" for this wonderful place. 


Our members include long-time as well as recent residents who organize activities to introduce newcomers to things to do in and around the area of Martel.


Our association is based on conviviality and friendship, and we welcome anyone sharing these values to join us whatever their age or nationality.


Here are some examples of activities being planned  :

         - visits to historical places such as Capedenac le Haut , or the "Aubazine"

           Abbey, famous cistercian abbey. 
         - evening movie and theater outings .
         - cooking workshops,
         - French and English conversation sessions, each language  being practised 

           half time at 14H30 pm on tuesdays.

         - "carnets de voyage" where travelers can share their vacation photos or videos


Our association encourages everybody's active participation in the planning process.